The Creep and Pounce

Marlon is a cat, I guess you know that by now. He loves to quietly creep up on something, wait patiently until the time is right, and when that something isn’t looking, pounce and grab it quick. That’s the way cats go after things. Well that’s not going to work with Silky, the sparrow that Marlon likes so much.

When Marlon does the creep and pounce with his brother Albert, they get into all kinds of cat fights. And often Marlon gets mad and then does a scratch and bite. See, Marlon gets frustrated easily, and then mad, and then watch out!

Well if he tries that with Silky, she’ll just fly away. Marlon will have to change his ways if he wants to be friends with that sweet sparrow. But it won’t be easy. Can Marlon make it work?

Friends or ???

Coming soon from Nice Dog Books, Marlon Finds a Way

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