overcoming anxiety

We’re featured in Booklife’s Indie Spotlight!

Marlon and the Scary Something is featured in Booklife’s Indie Spotlight on Illustrated Books!

And they quoted me: “Anxiety is a thief. It steals your joy and plunges you into a sea of worry. Without skills to help you stay afloat, your days can be a constant struggle. I grew up with anxiety and it runs in my family. I hope this book can tell a fun story and offer kids a few strategies to help them cope with scary feelings.”

Marlon and the Scary Something is a cozy cat adventure full of surprises, silly songs and lots of furry fun. Plus, it offers key social skills for building self-reliance and managing anxiety. Out for a morning romp, Marlon stumbles onto a strange creature and is caught in a full-on fear freeze. What should he do? Stay and face the unknown? Follow his fear and run?

You’ll love this delightful, illustrated chapter book, filled with wit and wisdom about finding courage, conquering fear and getting back on your feet. Perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere. Dog lovers too!

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