Emmalene A Tiger's Tale

Emmalene is a frolicking feline fantasy featuring one lovable tiger, two spirited siblings and some well-meaning but silly grownups.

Emmalene just loves being a tiger but when she roars to greet the day, the villagers quake in their boots, children drop their chores and everyone scurries home to hide. Emmalene just wants to make friends but every time she tries, the villagers run away. What’s a tiger to do?

While the villagers groan and grumble about “tiger trouble,” Fisher Fred and the Tuna Lady launch a plan to cast The Biggest Net in All the Land, catch the tiger and carry her to the zoo. But Abbie and her brother Bobby set off to find Emmalene first and try to make friends. 

Will they get there in time to keep her out of the zoo? Or will the villagers launch their net and put an end to Emmalene’s care free days? When there’s “tiger trouble” anything can happen!

A playful adventure for readers 6-9!  Emmalene is perfect for children & anyone who loves tigers and a good story.

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