Marlon's Marvelous Adventures

Welcome to this award-winning series! 

Marlon is a problem-solver. He knows what he wants. Can he find a way to make it happen?

Marlon and the Wide World

Our newest Marlon book!

Marlon runs away from home in a cozy cat mystery/adventure about friendship, family and finding your way back home.

It was all so sudden. One day, he’s home with family and friends. The next, he’s out on his own. With a troubling secret he must unravel.

Why did he go? How will he manage? What will he discover? This time, Marlon needs all the luck he can get!

Can he summon his courage and face the unknown?

To survive, he must put his best paw forward, look trouble in the eye and bounce back when misfortune knocks him down.

And what then?

Can Marlon escape the clutches of two tough alley cats? Win the trust of a momma raccoon defending her kits? Pull off a daring rescue raid?

Can he unravel the mysteries of a jealous heart? And find his way back to family and friends?


Welcome to Book #3 of this award-winning series. Full of wit and wisdom, this furry feline adventure is perfect for kids 6-10 and anyone who loves cats and a great tale. And raccoons, too!


★★★★★ “This gripping furry feline adventure is about a cat who never gives up. The story centers around friendship, courage, jealousy, anger, forgiveness, reconciliation and finding your way. With fabulous illustrations that perfectly complement the story’s sentiment and beautiful adventures, Marlon and the Wide World will appeal to cat and raccoon lovers of all ages.” Emma Megan for Readers’ Favorite

★★★★ “A cleverly plotted ‘animal’ adventure packed full of twists, turns – and suspense!” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“I thought Marlon was a cool character. I liked all the different animals he met on his adventure, and the ending was exciting.” Boy, age 8, from The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

★★★★★ “All the Marlon books are wonderful for teaching values and ideals to littles, but this one’s truly wonderful and special. The illustrations are adorable. I loved loved LOVED this one and can hardly wait to read this with my little one. Highly recommended!” Varshi on Book Sirens

Marlon and the Scary Something

Featured in the Booklife Spotlight on Illustrated Books

Whoops! There’s a strange new creature and Marlon is scared. What should he do? Follow his fear and run? Stay and face the unknown? Maybe make friends? 

It’s a new Marlon adventure full of cat wisdom, silly songs and lots of furry fun! 

When Marlon stumbles into the Scary Something he freezes, stares at the creature and scurries home to safety. Why is the creature there? What does it want? And why is Marlon so scared? 

Is it friend or foe? 

Oh no! Thinking about that Scary Something has Marlon stuck on a Creature-Feature-Merry-Go-Round. Without a plan, Marlon’s caught in a web of worry. He’s nervous, anxious and frets about the creature all day.

Marlon’s anxiety is stealing his joy!

He needs to break free and stop being afraid. Can he learn how to believe in himself, quiet his anxieties and face his fears?

Welcome to Book #2 of this award-winning series. You’ll love this delightful Marlon book filled with wit and wisdom about finding courage, conquering fear and getting back on your feet. A cozy cat adventure, perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere! Dog lovers too!


★★★★★ “Love the light and bright illustrations! Action packed! Adorable! Fun!” Margaret on Book Sirens

★★★★★ Delightful story about facing our fears.  The story teaches methods to deal with fear and anxiety in a simple and appropriate way for children.” Sara on Amazon

★★★★★ “A wonderfully written and illustrated story  with valuable lessons for children. Highly recommended.” Rich on Amazon

★★★★★ A great book that teaches children about feelings. My 6-year-old enjoyed the book so much.Sli on Amazon   

Marlon Finds A Way

What’s Marlon up to this time? Here’s a delightful animal adventure full of surprises.

Marlon is a cat on a quest. He’s determined to make friends with a sweet sparrow named Silky. Really? Can a cat and sparrow ever be friends? Well, Marlon has a plan and it’s about to take off.

You’ll laugh at Marlon’s merry mischief and Silky’s cool quips in this playful, heartwarming story about self-reliance, building trust and gaining a friend. With practical skills for problem solving and taming a temper.

See, Marlon really likes Silky. But …

When he strolls by, the sparrows all squawk, “Can’t trust a cat! Silky must scat!” How can he prove he just wants to be friends? Well, Marlon is full of ideas and dogged, for a cat. He won’t quit until he finds a way that works!

Marlon thinks bold! A cat of action! He takes to the sky! And lands down in the dumps. Nothing seems to go his way. It gets so bad it makes him mad!  Whoa! Who would want to be friends with a “Mad” Marlon? How can he learn to cool down when things heat up?

 Now Marlon has a new plan and it’s about to take off! Can he win Silky’s trust? Or will she just say, “No Way! Not today!” and fly away?

You’ll have to read the book to see what happens next.

Welcome to Book #1 of this award-winning series. This playful, heartwarming chapter book offers practical skills for making friends, solving problems & taming a temper. Marlon Finds a Way is perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere. 


★★★★★ “This book does a fantastic job of teaching children about patience, trust, and kindness.” Readers’ Favorite
★★★★★ “The story is engaging, encouraging and exciting and I enjoyed every moment of it.” The Bookish Hermit

★★★★★ “An absolutely fantastic book for children and adults alike. I highly recommend it.”  Marichus  on Booksprouts

★★★★★ “My daughter enjoyed this story. A great book,   well written and a delightful read.”  Gayle on Amazon