Marlon was stumped. How can he cross this busy street?

“Just sit and wait until you hear ‘heel.’ Then you can go.” Kukka smiled. “People teach us that.” 

“Cats don’t do heel. That’s a dog thing.” Marlon stretched. “Cats do what they want when they want. And what I want is to cross to the other side.”

“That’s why the chicken crossed!” said Kukka, wagging her tail.

“What? Why?” Marlon asked.

“To get to the other side,” Kukka laughed. “It’s the old chicken joke, Marlon. Get it?”

Marlon groaned. “Yeah. It was pretty fowl.”

All jokes aside, you can read what happens next in my cozy cat adventure, “Marlon and the Wide World,” coming May 15. 

Welcome to book #3 of the award-winning series Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. Find Book #1 here: Marlon Finds A Way   Find Book #2 here: Marlon and the Scary Something. And thanks for reading!

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