Emmalene A Tiger's Tale

Emmalene A Tiger's Tale is a funny feline fantasy featuring a lovable tiger who just wants a friend and two spirited siblings on a quest to help.

Emmalene tries to make friends but every time she roars to greet the day, the villagers scurry home to hide. What’s a tiger to do?

Grumbling about “tiger trouble,” the villagers hatch a tricky plan to catch Emmalene and send her to the zoo. Will those grumpy grownups end her carefree days?

Meanwhile, Abbie and her brother Bobby launch a secret mission to meet Emmalene. What will happen when they find her? Can the kids keep her out of the zoo?

Will Emmalene ever find a friend? Anything can happen!

A playful, fun-loving adventure for readers 6-9! Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale is perfect for anyone who loves tigers and a heartwarming tale. 

Reader Reviews

“One of the parts that I like the most is the rhyming part when they talk about the most biggest net in all the land.” Helen, age 6

 “It reminds me of all of the classic children’s books.  It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s clever — all at the same time.” Annie C., author and mom

“I like the pictures, characters and how Bobby and Abbie want to make friends with Emmalene.”      Louise, age 9

“Children lead the way – it’s really a fun, good story with a moral!” Kathy G., educator

Meet Dan Bailes

"My joy is creating fun stories for children
and the adults who read to them."

You’ll find humor and a sense of adventure in many of Dan’s stories. His tales feature animals and siblings who may bicker, but come together to meet a challenge or solve a problem. His quirky characters delight us with surprising insights as they develop self-reliance and the courage to make a change. 

He began writing stories when his children were young and continues the tradition for his grandchildren Bennett, Julian, Louise and Helen.

Dan lives in Washington, DC with his wife Sharon and their dog, KukkaTahti. When he’s not writing or reading, he likes to do yoga, play with Kukka, listen to music and watch the flowers grow. 

You can email at Dan@nicedogbooks.com and visit him here.

And Meet KukkaTahti

KukkaTahti is our constant companion at Nice Dog Books. She has a gentle nature and is curious about everything. Kukka loves people (and dogs of course) and is quick to say hello. She has a thick coat that feels soft and fluffy in your fingers and loves to play. 

Catch is one of her favorites. She waits and watches, then opens her mouth just in time to make the catch. Doggy humor.

She’s all about fun and has a great smile, as you can see. And what about those eyebrows!

"One of the most talented chaps I've ever known...SO happy to see this element of your capability coming forth!!!"

Mike R, musician and editor

"It's wonderful!!! We love you and we love Emmalene!"

Annie C, author and mother of Helen & Louise

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