Emmalene’s on Amazon

Emmalene has a new cover

Emmalene’s new cover has a bigger drawing so it’s easier to see her when the book appears on Amazon’s website as a thumbnail image. I’ve been working on getting the site ready for her launch, which was set for October 5th on Kindle, and she’s also available in paperback. I used an Amazon template to help me make the paperback cover. The front for the Kindle version and the paperback is the same. The back has a short picture of me and a bio and a mini-summary of the book. It’s been fun getting everything together for the launch. There were lots of details to take care of before she was ready, but now that she is, I’m excited.

I hope you like reading about Emmalene and her pals Abbie and Bobby. Please let me know what you think. I love reading your comments. They help me become a better writer. And they help other people decide if they want to read Emmalene’s story too.

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