Emmalene A Tiger's Tale

Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale is a funny feline fantasy featuring a lovable tiger who just wants a friend and two spirited siblings on a quest to help.

As Emmalene greets each day with a big loud roar, the villagers quake in their boots, drop their chores and scurry home to hide. She’s really a gentle soul but the villagers don’t understand. When Emmalene tries to make friends no one will give her a chance. What’s a tiger to do?

The grownups gather to grumble about “tiger trouble” and launch a tricky plan to make The Biggest Net in All The Land, capture Emmalene and send her to the zoo. 

But young Abbie and her brother Bobby make plans of their own. The kids set off on a secret mission to meet Emmalene and see what’s really going on.

Will Emmalene ever find a friend? Can the spunky siblings keep her out of the zoo? Or will the grumpy grownups cast their net and put an end to Emmalene’s carefree days? Look out! When there’s “tiger trouble” anything can happen!

A playful, fun-loving adventure for readers 6-9! Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale is perfect for anyone who loves tigers and a heartwarming tale. 


“I like the pictures, characters and how Bobby and Abbie want to make friends with Emmalene.”  Louise, age 9

 “It reminds me of all of the classic children’s books.  It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s clever — all at the same time.” Annie C, author and mom

“Children lead the way – it’s really a fun, good story with a moral!” Kathy G, educator


“One of the parts that I like the most is the rhyming part when they talk about the most biggest net in all the land.” Helen, age 6

“Young readers will enjoy the whimsical narration and the slapstick ending of this imaginative tale. The charming illustrations add to the fun.” Pearl L, educator

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