Marlon Finds a Way

You’ll love this playful, twisty tale about cooling anger, building trust and gaining a friend.

Marlon is a feisty cat, Silky a sweet sparrow. Marlon just wants to be friends… but it won’t be easy. 

Can a cat and sparrow ever be friends?

Marlon really likes Silky. But …

Cats think sparrows are just a tasty snack. Well that doesn’t help. Sparrows say cats are “trouble on the double.” What can Marlon do? Well, he won’t give up until he finds a plan that works.

Marlon is determined to find a way. But… 

He gets upset so easily… and frustration quickly leads to anger. Can Marlon soothe angry feelings and stay cool when things don’t go his way? Will his quirky plans convince Silky she can trust him? Or will she just fly away?


Can Marlon learn key social skills — tame his anger, learn to be self-reliant and mindful of Silky’s feelings? Can Marlon find his way?

Here’s a delightful animal adventure full of surprises.

  • Laugh at Marlon’s marvelous mischief and silly schemes.
  • Gain key skills to help manage frustration and calm angry feelings.
  • Discover fun facts about Silky and sparrows, like how they can fly and why they love dust baths.
  • Meet JJ and Ben, two spirited brothers soon to have adventures of their own.

This playful, heartwarming chapter book offers practical skills for making friends, solving problems & managing anger. Marlon Finds a Way is perfect for young readers ages 6-9 and everyone who loves cats and a good story.

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