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Emmalene A Tiger's Tale

Two spunky kids, one loveable tiger and a bunch of cranky grownups tangle in a rollicking adventure about friendship, self-reliance and how the best plans can bring surprising results. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves tigers and a funny story.

Marlon Finds a Way

Cat + Sparrow = Friends? It won’t be easy! Full of fun and mischief, you’ll love this twisty tale about building trust and winning a friend. And gain practical skills for managing anger & problem-solving. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves cats and a good story.

Marlon and the Scary Something

Marlon is back with a new story about finding courage and conquering fear. One lovely Spring morning Marlon encounters a Creature that looks like Big Trouble. What is it? What does it want? And how should Marlon respond to this Scary Something? 

Coming This Fall

How JJ and Ben Rescued the Clouds

When the clouds disappear, the brothers go skyward to find out why. They find the dancing boy who leads them to the mystery. But can they solve it and rescue the clouds? And how will they get back to earth? 

Coming Soon

How JJ and Ben Rescued the Wind

The brothers and Suvi, Kukka’s sister, go skyward again to this time to rescue the wind. The Dancing Boy is back with new puzzles. Can they solve the mystery, bring back the wind and return safely to ground?

Coming Soon


JJ and Ben watch chipmunks scamper about the forest floor. Suddenly, Ben turns into one too and sees they’re all fighting over food. Can Ben problem solve to stop the fighting? How will he turn back into a boy? Scamper shows how Ben uses social skills to solve a conflict.

Coming Soon

Suvi Saves the Day

When a mysterious bird teaches Hannah to fly, she takes to the air. It’s exciting, but she lands in a tree. How will she find her way back? Can her sister Lucy and Suvi (Kukka’s sister) find her and bring her home?

Coming Soon

When the Draggies Came to Visit

Hannah thinks Draggies are bad. Lucy thinks Draggies always make a fuss. So what will the sisters do when the Draggies come to visit? There will be a ruckus for sure.

Coming Soon

Salami Sunday

Lucy and Hannah love salami. It’s their favorite food. It’s lunch time and the family is off to the market to get some special salami. But the market is all out and the sisters are hungry. What can they do? Where can they go to find some? 

Coming Soon