Describing Marlon and the Scary Something

I wrote a new description of Marlon and the Scary Something for the September Publisher’s Weekly Indie Spotlight. I don’t know if they’ll publish it or not, but I thought I’d share what I wrote. I’ve written and rewritten this description more times than I can remember. But I think this is my best effort. Let me know what you think.

With over 90% five-star reviews, Marlon and the Scary Something is a cozy cat adventure full of surprises, silly songs and lots of furry fun. Plus, it offers key social skills for building self-reliance and managing anxiety. 

Out for a morning romp, Marlon stumbles onto a strange creature and is caught in a full-on fear freeze. What should he do? Stay and face the unknown? Follow his fear and run?

Marlon scampers home to safety but soon wraps himself in a web of worry. All day he stares out the window and frets about the Scary Something. Can Marlon learn to believe in himself and quiet his anxieties? 

You’ll love this delightful, illustrated chapter book, filled with wit and wisdom about finding courage, conquering fear and getting back on your feet. Perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere. Dog lovers too!

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