Marlon and the Wide World

The Wide World is a big place for a small cat. Marlon must put his best paw forward, look trouble in the eye and bounce back when misfortune knocks him down.

This cozy cat adventure explores friendship, jealousy and courage with humor and a light touch. 

Perfect for kids 6-10 and cat lovers everywhere!

Marlon and the Scary Something

Whoops! There’s a strange animal next door and Marlon is scared. What should he do? Follow his fear and run? Try to make friends?

You’ll love this delightful Marlon book filled with wit and wisdom about finding courage, conquering fear and getting back on your paws. 

Marlon Finds a Way

Cat + Sparrow = Friends? It won’t be easy! Full of fun and mischief, you’ll love this twisty tale about building trust and winning a friend. And gain practical skills for managing anger & problem-solving. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves cats and a good story.

Emmalene: A Tiger's Tale

Two spunky kids, one loveable tiger and a bunch of cranky grownups tangle in a rollicking adventure about friendship, self-reliance and how the best plans can bring surprising results. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves tigers and a funny story.