Marlon and the Scary Something

Marlon is back with a new story about finding courage and conquering fear. One lovely Spring morning Marlon encounters a Creature that looks like Big Trouble. What is it? What does it want? And how should Marlon respond to this Scary Something? 

New Release!

Marlon Finds a Way

Cat + Sparrow = Friends? It won’t be easy! Full of fun and mischief, you’ll love this twisty tale about building trust and winning a friend. And gain practical skills for managing anger & problem-solving. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves cats and a good story.

Emmalene: A Tiger's Tale

Two spunky kids, one loveable tiger and a bunch of cranky grownups tangle in a rollicking adventure about friendship, self-reliance and how the best plans can bring surprising results. Perfect for kids 6-9 and everyone who loves tigers and a funny story.