After they shared a meal, Railley brought Marlon to meet her kits…

“What are you?” said the first kit.

“You’re strange looking,” said the second.

“Kits, this is a cat. Take a good look,” Railley said.

“We’ve never seen any animals up close.”

“Birds! And squirrels!”

“Oh yeah, birds and squirrels.” 

“We like being up high.” 

“We get to see everything down there.”

“And no one knows we’re here.”

There’s more to come in my cozy cat adventure, “Marlon and the Wide World,” launching May 15. 

Welcome to book #3 of the award-winning series Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. Find Book #1 here: Marlon Finds A Way   And Book #2 here: Marlon and the Scary Something. And thanks for reading!

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