Nice Dog Books brings you fun stories for kids and everyone else

Nice Dog Books are written by Dan Bailes with help from our dog, KukkaTahti. She inspires us every day with tail wags and licks of encouragement.

Our award-winning books are perfect for kids 6 – 10 and anyone who loves cats and a fun story. You can get in touch at dan@nicedogbooks.com

Dan Bailes

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Dan just finished book #3 in his award-winning series, Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. He enjoys creating fun, heartwarming tales that offer some life lessons, too. When his children were young, he loved making up stories to tickle their funny bones. After they had kids of their own, he decided to turn the best adventures into chapter books to share with kids everywhere.

He has a light-hearted touch to storytelling and uses humor and a sense of adventure to engage young readers. 

 “I hope my books will help kids develop self-confidence and feel empowered to make good decisions. And if I can make them laugh along the way, all the better.”

The age group he writes for (ages 6 – 10) are just beginning to discover who they are and how they see the world around them. Dan hopes his stories will help kids feel confident in themselves and ready to face life’s challenges. Each tale offers valuable life lessons and shows kids how problems can become opportunities for self-discovery and growth.

Dan launched Nice Dog Books with his canine companion, KukkaTahti.  When they’re not busy writing or thinking silly thoughts, they can be found “going for a walk” on the streets of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please email me at dan@nicedogbooks.com.

About KukkaTahti


KukkaTahti is a Finnish Lapphund and bred to be a herding dog. Her name means Star Flower in Finnish. She joined our family in 2019 and is our constant companion at Nice Dog Books.

She has a gentle nature and is curious about everything. Kukka has a mind of her own and often pauses and thinks before she responds. That might mean she’s pretty smart… or maybe just wants to do it her way.  

Kukka loves people (and dogs, of course) and is quick to say hello. She has a thick coat that feels soft and fluffy in your fingers and loves to play. She also likes to sleep on her back, as you can see. 

She’s all about fun and has a great smile. And what about those eyebrows!