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Nice Dog Books are written by Dan Bailes with the support of Kukka, a herding dog, who keeps us on our toes with licks of encouragement. Our books are full of fun and enjoyed by kids and everyone else. We’re based in Washington, D.C. Please get in touch at dan@nicedogbooks.com

Dan Bailes

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Dan B lowrez

Dan loves writing stories that can make kids laugh and maybe learn something, too. But the best part is, nobody gets mad when he just makes stuff up. So far, Dan’s written three books for kids, including the series Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. And now he’s working on the next Marlon book which he hopes to finish this year.

I think Dan secretly talks with his characters to find out what they are going to do next. Or maybe he just takes notes whenever they pop up to have a chat. He thinks daydreaming is really important and says that he gets all kinds of ideas when he’s just looking at a bug or smelling a flower or looking at the leaves dance in the breeze. He likes to think about things and is really quick to ask “why,” sometimes followed by “why not?”

He’s always been one to follow his nose to see where it may lead. And says he does his best work when he gets stuck and then tries to get unstuck from whatever sticky situation he’s fallen into. He wonders what cats and dogs really think about us. If you have any ideas about that, please let him know. Dan started Nice Dog Books with Kukka, who really is a nice dog. Except she barks too much.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Please email me at dan@nicedogbooks.com.

About KukkaTahti


KukkaTahti is a Finnish Lapphund and bred to be a herding dog. Her name means Star Flower in Finnish. She joined our family in 2019 and is our constant companion at Nice Dog Books.

She has a gentle nature and is curious about everything. Kukka has a mind of her own and often pauses and thinks before she responds to a command. That might mean she’s pretty smart… or maybe she’s just a little stubborn.  

Kukka loves people (and dogs of course) and is quick to say hello. She has a thick coat that feels soft and fluffy in your fingers and loves to play. She also likes to sleep on her back, as you can see. 

She’s all about fun and has a great smile. And what about those eyebrows!