A new cozy cat adventure, “Marlon and the Wide World” Coming May 15!

It was a lovely morning until Marlon found his favorite puffy toy, shredded…

My beautiful toy is in sad tiny pieces. He gave a low growl. Who would do such a mean thing? Momma Cat? No way. It must be Albert!

Marlon hopped to the window sill. His tail started to twitch. Albert was outside! Hiding outside! Marlon leaped down and rammed through the cat door like an army tank. He moved as fast as a cannon shot to the bushes where Albert’s tail was peeking out. 

Uh-oh, Marlon’s about to pounce on his baby brother. You can find out what happens next in “Marlon and the Wide World,” coming soon.

Welcome to book #3 of the award-winning series Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. Find Book #1 here: Marlon Finds A Way   Find Book #2 here: Marlon and the Scary Something. And thanks for reading!

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