Emmalene A Tiger’s Tale is a playful, funny adventure about friendship, self-reliance and how even the best sounding plans can bring surprising results. 

What’s a tiger to do? Emmalene is a gentle soul who just wants a friend. But every time she roars to greet the day the villagers scramble to safety. The grumpy grownups insist tigers are “trouble on the double” and hatch a plan to grab Em and send her to the zoo.

But Abbie and her brother Bobby think they know what Emmalene wants. After some funny hi-jinx, they set off on a quest to find Emmalene and see what’s really going on. Will they get there in time?

Can the kids work together to keep Emmalene out of the zoo? Will the grumpy grownups end Emmalene’s carefree days? Look out! When there’s “tiger trouble” anything can happen!

This delightful chapter book is perfect for kids 6-9 and anyone who loves tigers and a heartwarming tale.

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Marlon Finds a Way is perfect for young readers ages 6-9 and anyone who loves cats and a good story. Plus, Marlon offers key social skills for making friends and managing anger.

Marlon is a feisty cat, Silky a sweet sparrow. Marlon wants to be friends. But it won’t be easy.

 Marlon is determined to find a way. But… 

Can his quirky plans win Silky’s trust? When things don’t go Marlon’s way, what then? Can a cat and sparrow ever be friends?

  • Here’s a delightful animal adventure full of surprises.
  • Laugh at Marlon’s marvelous mischief and silly schemes.
  • Discover fun facts about sparrows, like why they love dust baths.
  • Meet JJ and Ben, two spirited brothers soon to have adventures of  their own.

You’ll love this playful, heartwarming chapter book about cooling anger, building trust and gaining a friend.

Reader Reviews

“One of the parts that I like the most is the rhyming part when they talk about the most biggest net in all the land.”   Helen, age 6

 “It reminds me of all of the classic children’s books.  It’s funny, it’s silly, it’s clever — all at the same time.” Annie C., author and mom

“I like the pictures, characters and how Bobby and Abbie want to   make friends with Emmalene.”   Louise, age 9 

“Children lead the way – it’s really a fun, good story with a moral!”  Kathy G., educator

“Marlon in particular is so engaging — I love his positive, sincere and determined nature.  He makes me laugh.”  Kathleen M., mom

“The different ways that Marlon was able to learn how to cope with being “angry”- were great ways that anyone could apply as well.”   Elizabeth B., personal coach

“An upbeat tale of friendship featuring hip little ditties for problem solving strategies – brilliant!” Melissa M., teacher

 “Love this sweet story. It’s a loving way to teach children about trust.”   Hope H., entrepreneur and mom

Meet Dan Bailes

"I love creating fun stories for kids
that anyone can enjoy."

Dan writes funny stories for kids that often include practical skills for navigating life’s little stumbling blocks.  His heartwarming tales feature lovable animals and quirky siblings ready to charm us with their mischievous antics and surprising insights. Dan puts it this way,

“I often fall in love with my characters. And when they do something that might cause us to raise an eyebrow, I see it as an opportunity to offer kids some insight that can help guide them on life’s journey. Each book sneaks in a few of those life lessons, like how to make a friend, tame a temper, believe in yourself or move forward when fear tries to wrap you in a web of anxiety.”

Dan started Nice Dog Books with his canine companion KukkaTahti to tell stories and tickle funny bones. It has not escaped Kukka’s attention that their first few books feature a tiger and a cat. She’s expecting equal time for dogs. 

You can email at Dan@nicedogbooks.com and visit him here.

And Meet KukkaTahti

KukkaTahti is our constant companion at Nice Dog Books. She has a gentle nature and is curious about everything. Kukka loves people (and dogs of course) and is quick to say hello. She has a thick coat that feels soft and fluffy in your fingers and loves to play. 

Catch is one of her favorites. She waits and watches, then opens her mouth just in time to make the catch. Doggy humor.

She’s all about fun and has a great smile, as you can see. And what about those eyebrows!

"One of the most talented chaps I've ever known...SO happy to see this element of your capability coming forth!!!"

Mike R, musician and editor

"This is such a sweet story and I like how it didn’t turn out at all how I was expecting! Made me really smile."

Alyson S., wellness coach and teacher

"It's wonderful!!! We love you and we love Emmalene!"

Annie C, author and mother of Helen & Louise


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